Rules & Qualifications to Join Indian Navy Officer [Details]

How to join Indian Navy: If you want to know how to join Indian Navy Officer, this is the complete article for you. I have explained here all the procedures about how to join Indian Navy officer even after the 12th and 10th.

How to Join Indian Navy?

If you understand the duty and commitment towards our country, India or if you want to serve and sacrifice yourself for our India. Or if you want to explore and enjoy the sea adventures around the world, then join Indian Navy job.

If you want to join Indian Navy, here I am going to tell you all the procedures about how to Join Indian Navy, Indian Navy Salary and some other important things which you should know. Also read ICAR Recruitment 2022

These procedures or the service conditions are the same for both man and woman.

Position of Indian Navy

There are three types of positions in Indian Navy, they are Officer, Sailor and Civilian.

If you are a graduate person you can join Indian Navy. Or if you are look for how to join Indian Navy after 12th, you can join the Indian Navy.

Besides, if you have passed class 10, you can also join the Indian Navy job. But you have to understand the Indian navy qualification or selection process.

Let me clear some confusion first before telling you how to join Indian Navy.

If you’re 10th or 12th pass, you can apply for an Indian Navy Civilian job or an Indian Sailor job.

There are also some Indian Navy jobs in which Non-Matric candidates can also apply.

If you’re 12th pass, you can join Indian Navy Officer also by following the Indian Navy proper procedures.

But here in this article, I am going to tell you how to join Indian Navy Officer only. Because if I discuss how to join Indian Navy as Sailor, or if I discuss how to join Indian Navy as a Civilian in this article then the page will be more lengthy.

So, I am going to discuss only how to join Indian Navy Officer. Click here to apply for a Navy job

How to find an Indian Navy Job (Officer Job)?

If you want to join Indian Navy Officer, then you have to find the navy job. If you don’t know how to find a navy job don’t worry about it.

How to join indian navy as officer

The Indian Navy Recruitment and the important information is mostly shared on the National Newspapers or the Regional Newspapers.

You can also know about the Indian Navy job vacancies by visiting its official website

Types of Indian Navy Officer Selection Commission

There are 2 (two) types of Indian Navy Officer Selection Commission:

  • Permanent Commission
  • Short Service Commission

Permanent Commission means candidates are appointed permanently till their retirement. That means it is a permanent job.

In Short Service Commission, candidates are recruited for a short limit time or period. But in some cases, the period is extendable after 10 years.

Division of Indian Navy Jobs

The Indian Navy jobs are divided into different divisions or categories. You can also you it is divided into different Departments. These are;

Executive, Engineering, Electrical, Education, and Medical

Executive Division includes General Service Officer, Hydrographic Officer, Naval Armament Inspection Officer, Provost Officer, Pilot Officer, Observer Officer, Submarine Officer, Diver Officer, Law Officer, Logistics Officer and Information Technology Branch.

In Engineering Division, there are Engineering, General Services, Submarine Engineering and Naval Construction-related work available.

In Electrical Division, there are Underwater Weapons, Radar & Radio Communication, Missile systems, and Computer Controlled Machinery related work available.

Education Division works on educating Navy Youngstars, to make them good navy officers in future.

Medical Division has to work on the health-related. They are responsible for giving better health to Servicemen and their families.

How to become an Indian Navy Officer?

Now let me tell you how to become an Indian Navy Officer. There are many options to become an individual navy officer.

There are many different schemes in different divisions to become an Indian Navy Officer.

  • Union Service Commission (UPSC) Entry
  • Direct Entry (Permanent Commission for Undergraduate Level Entry)
  • Direct Entry (Permanent Commission for Graduate Level Entry)
  • Indian Navy Entrance Test ( Permanent Commission/ Short Service Commission for Graduate Level Entries)
  • UES

Now let me tell you about these above schemes one by one.

1.Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) Entries:

There are 3 (three) entries in UPSC entries. They are

  • Combined Defence Service Examination(CDSE) entry
  • National Defence Academy (Naval Academy) Exam entry
  • NCC entry

Combined Defence Service Examination(CDSE) entry:

In Combined Defense Services Examination(CDSE) entry, a written examination is conducted through UPSC. After the written exam, the  Service Selection Board(SSB) Interview and Medical Test are conducted. Then UPSC merit list is issued. Then the successful candidates join Naval Academy for their Naval Orientation Course(NOC). UPSC conduct this NOC exam 2 times a year. But to join the  Naval Orientation exam, candidates must have an Engineering Bachelor Degree.

Indian navy exam
How to join indian navy

National Defence Academy(Naval Academy) Examination entry:

In this entry, National Defence Academy(Naval Academy) conducts UPSC written examination. This examination is conducted 2 times in a year as same as above.

But to become eligible in National Defence Academy (Naval Academy)  exam, candidates must have already completed 10+2 (PMC). Or even if you’re a 12 standard student you are eligible for this exam.

After this exam, candidates have to attend the SSB Interview and the Medical Test. Then a merit list gets ready for the successful candidates. Then the successful candidates are allowed to join the Indian Navy.

NCC entry:

For NCC entry, no written test or exam is conducted, a direct SSB interview has to be attended. After the SSB interview, candidates have to attend in Medical Test, and  have to pass in Medical test.

After successfully passing out in SSB interview and Medical Test, candidates are allowed to join indian navy.

Those University students who have an NCC certificate with B grading or 50% marks on graduation, can be appointed as Regular Commissioned Officers.

NCC certificate holders can also apply in the Executive Branch as Short Service Commission. But they must be Science Graduation with Physics& Maths subjects.

2. Direct Entry (Permanent Commission for Undergraduate Level Entry):

To become eligible for this entry, the candidate should have a minimum of 70℅ marks in PMC subjects in class 12th. And candidates should also have a minimum of 50℅ marks in English subjects in class 10th and 12th. Besides, the candidate must also have cleared JEE Mains.

Candidates are shortlisted for SSB interviews according to the All India Rank base. After completing SSB, candidates are selected according to merit list base and sent to the Naval Academy for 4 years B.Tech course.

Indian Naval Academy

If the candidate can complete this 4 years B.Tech course, they are selected or appointed as Electrical or Engineering Permanent Commission Grant in Indian Navy.

3. Direct Entry (Permanent Commission for Graduate Level Entries):

This scheme includes Sports, Musicians or Law. There is preliminary scanning for sports and musician entries. After that candidate has to appear for an SSB interview and a Medical Test.

After clearing the SSB and Medical test, candidates are selected for joining according to the All India Merit base.

For Law entry, candidates must have Law Degree, with a minimum of 55℅ marks.

4. Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET):

This is a Permanent Commission/Short Service Commission for Graduate Level. This Test or Exam is conducted for Pilot(MR), Pilot(NMR), Observer, Air Traffic Control (ATC), General Service Executive, Hydro, General Service (Technical-Electrical & Engineering), Naval Architect, Information Technology, Logistics, Education, NAIC.

This test is conducted for Permanent Commission (PC) or Short Service Commission(SSC). This test is also conducted 2 times a year.

There is an Indian Navy Entrance Test. It is a computer-based written exam for 2 hours. There are 100 multiple choice questions in this test with 4 ( four) sections-(English, Reasoning & Numerical Ability, General Knowledge & General Science, and Mathematical Aptitude).

Candidates have to secure 40℅ marks separately in each section. After the exam, successful candidates are shortlisted.

Then shortlisted candidates have to appear for SSB interviews and medical tests. Finally, the candidates are selected for joining the navy according to merit-based.

5. University Entry Scheme (UES) Entry:

In this scheme, the final year Engineering students can be appointed in Indian Navy Technical Branch. For this scheme, candidates can be shortlisted by visiting Engineering colleges. The shortlisted candidates have to appear SSB interview and medical test. Then the Navy Selection department appoints the eligible candidates as Indian Navy according to All India merit-based.

6. Special Naval Architect Entry Scheme (SNAES) Entry:

In this scheme, 45 Naval Architect Officers in Naval Architecture case from Engineering Branch are appointed.

For this appointment, Navy Team itself visit IIT Kharagpur, IIT Chennai, Cochin University of Science and Technology or Andhra University. In the University, the Naval team conducts B.Tech (Naval Architecture) Course. From there Navy Team use to shortlist the eligible candidates through Naval Team Campus Interview. The shortlisted candidates are again shortlisted for Navy Training after a medical test.

Stages of SSB interview

Here in SNAES, there are two stages of the SSB interview.

First Stage: In the first stage, Intelligence Test, Picture Perception, Discussion Test.

Second Stage: In the second stage, Psychological Testing, Group Testing interview.

After the SSB interview, candidates have to complete the medical Examination Test. Only those candidates can join or be selected who are declared fit in medical tests or check-ups by the Medical Board.

So these are the about how to join Indian Navy as Officers. These are the procedures to join Indian Navy. Now I hope you understood how to join Indian Navy as Officer.

If you want to join Indian Navy, then follow one of the above procedures and can join Indian navy easily through one of the entries.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What is an Indian Navy?

Indian Navy is a well-balanced and cohesive three-dimensional force, capable of operating above, on and under the surface of the ocean.

2. Who is the present Indian Navy Commander-in-chief ?

Ram Nath Kovind is the present Indian Navy Commander-in-chief.

3. Who is the father of the Indian Navy?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is considered as the father of the Indian. Navy

4. What is the motto of the Indian Navy?

“Sam no Varunah” is the motto of the Indian Navy. It means “May the Lord of water be auspicious unto us”.

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