To Join Indian Army: Everything You Need to Know

How to join Indian Army Jobs: A Complete Guide to Joining the Indian Army With some 1,300,000 soldiers, the Indian Army’s motto Always Ready couldn’t be more fitting. It’s the world’s largest voluntary army and has fought in four wars, defending its borders and securing peace throughout South Asia and beyond.

If you have ever dreamed of joining the ranks of this globally respected force, we have everything you need to know about how to join Indian Army here in this guide how to join Indian Army! If you also want to join Indian army then here I provide the official website link in the below.

Military Life

As a young adult, if you’re looking for a career that’s both challenging and exciting, consider joining India’s armed forces. Aspiring soldiers can begin their training after 10th or 12th grade, but there are several opportunities for young adults who want to get started earlier. To help aspiring recruits learn more about life in uniform, we asked members of India’s three branches—the army, navy and air force—to share information about how to join Indian army ranks.

If you think joining is right for you, we hope you’ll take these suggestions into consideration! Here’s what you need to know about how to join Indian army after 10th and how to join indian army after 12. The table below provides detailed information on how to join each branch of India’s military, as well as its age requirements and educational requirements.

Click here for additional details on each service’s specific recruitment process. For example, an individual interested in becoming an officer in any branch must first attend Officer Training School (OTS). However, only candidates from some states are eligible to apply for OTS directly out of high school; others must attend one year of junior college before applying.

In addition, most candidates must pass written tests before moving forward with their application process. Before applying for any position within India’s armed forces, you should research your state’s eligibility requirements. Also, it’s important to note that certain positions require specialized education and/or experience. Once you have decided which branch of India’s military best suits your needs, visit our site regularly for updates on current openings. We also encourage job seekers to contact recruiters directly via email or phone call. Good luck!

How to join Indian Army

The Basic Qualification to join indian army – To join as an officer candidate in Indian Army, you must have successfully completed Class 12 or equivalent. This can be on a public exam like SSC or via a private exam like CBSE or ICSE. Then you need to have cleared one of these three entrance exams that are conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year for different army services including Infantry, Cavalry, Signal and Armoured corps etc. The written test will cover many topics from physics, chemistry and maths to English. There is no age limit to apply but your height should be at least 157 cms. For OBC candidates, it is 152 cms and for SC/ST candidates it is 149 cms.

join indian army after 10th 12th
Join Indian Army

Indian Army Physical Standards – There are some physical standards required to join Indian Army which include minimum chest measurement of 33 inches (for men), 28 inches (for women). Minimum weight required is 45 kgs for men and 40 kgs for women along with minimum height requirement of 5 feet 3 inches. Candidates who wish to apply as JCOs must have scored 50% marks in their qualifying examination while those who want to become Officers should have secured 60% marks or above.

How to Join Indian Army After 10?

To know how to join Indian army after 10, you need to be physically fit and mentally alert. Apart from that, you need an interest in joining military services, a willingness to learn and serve your country, discipline, respect for seniors etc.

MBSE Class 10 Result

MBSE Class 12 Result

How to Join Indian Army After 12?

The process of joining Indian army after 12 is similar but it will depend on whether you want to be an officer or a jawan/junior commissioned officer (JCO). If you want to be an officer then you need higher qualifications like a Class 12 pass from a recognized board or university exam followed by any one of these three exams conducted by UPSC every year- Civil Services Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination and Naval Services Exam.

How to join the Indian Navy Officer?

While a specific degree isn’t required, you will need a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition, there are several aptitude tests you will have to take and physical tests you will have to pass in order to join.

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First of all, if you are between 17-21 years old and physically fit, then an 11th grade education is enough for entry into India’s armed forces. The age limits may vary depending on service requirements. However, even with a high school diploma or GED equivalent there are other ways you can serve your country outside of becoming an officer such as enlisting in military police, firefighting or field artillery programs among others.

As far as testing goes, most candidates must complete a written exam that assesses their mental abilities and problem-solving skills. Depending on what branch you want to join, there are additional exams that measure your hand-eye coordination (such as driving), general knowledge (such as math) and language skills (such as English).

Lastly, if you want to become an officer in any branch of India’s armed forces you must be able to run 1.5 miles within 12 minutes 30 seconds without stopping. If you make it through these steps then congratulations! You will now begin training at one of four different academies located throughout India where they will train for two years before being commissioned into active duty. This also applies to non-officers. To read more about how to join India’s army visit our post here. For more information about joining the army in general, check out our detailed guide here.

Preparing For the Indian Army Recruitment

The process of joining any service in India is called recruitment. Recruitment for all branches of military is handled by individual services. In other words, each service has its own way of accepting and processing candidates during recruitment season. For example, a candidate attempting to join IAF can apply at Air Force’s website while one attempting to join BSF will have to follow BSF’s procedure as it accepts only online applications, provided one meets eligibility criteria and so on.

The important point here is that different branches have different procedures during their recruitment period; if you are looking at joining a specific branch, you must know what those procedures are and how they work before you attempt an application or else your candidature may be rejected or delayed on account of errors committed by ignorance. That said, there are some general points about how to join an army unit after school that remain common across most branches of the armed forces. These include having basic qualifications (described below) and meeting physical standards and mental requirements.

There is also some overlap in pre-recruitment training which includes passing a written exam with questions drawn from math, physics, chemistry, biology and English language skills; being medically fit (you must submit medical certificates confirming no history of diseases like TB or heart conditions); meeting height/weight requirements; appearing for interviews; undergoing various aptitude tests etc.

Basic Training for Indian Army

The age range for joining is between 17 and 22 years. But, before you think about joining, it’s important to understand that your training in one of these courses will be physically and mentally demanding. Basic training involves a lot of discipline, both for yourself and others around you.

So, if you don’t like rules or having orders given to you, then perhaps being a soldier isn’t really for you. Basic training in India lasts between 8 weeks and 8 months. After basic training, you’ll have some time off and then move on to speciality training. This could last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on what kind of job you choose within the army.

Indian Army after 10 and 12

There are many different kinds of jobs available but they can all generally be broken down into three categories: combat arms (such as infantry), combat support (such as artillery) and combat service support (such as logistics). If you want to join up with an infantry unit, for example, then basic training would involve learning how to use weapons such as rifles and grenades; physical fitness; teamwork; first aid; how to survive under harsh conditions; etc. In contrast, if you’re interested in becoming a driver or mechanic, then your speciality training might focus more on how to drive vehicles such as tanks and how to repair them when they break down.

As you might imagine, there are also other types of military positions which require different skill sets. Regardless of what kind of work you end up doing though, one thing that remains constant is just how much responsibility soldiers have to carry at any given moment. Even young recruits often find themselves taking care of their team members who may be older than them.

The Life of a Soldier

Military service is a life-changing experience, but becoming a soldier is much more than just signing up. It’s an opportunity that requires careful planning and preparation, including what you need to do to get into shape for boot camp. To join the army, potential soldiers must meet certain health requirements, both mental and physical. Getting in shape can be a challenge for people of all ages—and it’s even more difficult for military recruits.

However, you don’t have to wait until you enlist; there are several things you can do right now (such as eating healthy foods and taking up exercises) that will help ensure your success when it comes time for boot camp! The first step is figuring out how much weight your body needs to lose. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a 10 per cent reduction in body fat.

If you’re overweight or obese, losing 15 pounds should suffice. If you’re underweight, you should aim for about three pounds per month until you reach your goal weight. How many calories does that require? That depends on how active you are and how much muscle mass your body has. A rough estimate would be 2,000 calories per day if you exercise daily or 1,500 if not—but consult with a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program so he or she can determine how many calories your body needs each day based on its current state and level of activity.

Service Benefits of joining the Indian Army

If you’ve been looking at career opportunities, have a passion for India and an eagerness to serve your country, it might be time to think about joining India’s army. The following information gives you a quick overview of how you can make your military service a reality. Keep in mind that while everyone is allowed to apply, only those candidates who pass initial screening are invited for personal interviews. Here’s what you need to know in order to join India’s army.

#1: There Are Two Types of Service Opportunities
When thinking about how to join India’s army, it helps to first understand there are two main types of options available. Each one provides different benefits as well as has its own eligibility requirements.

First up is Regular Service, which requires a degree from an accredited institution as well as three years’ experience working in any field prior to application (this includes civil services jobs). Second is Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs), which requires no prior work experience but does require that you’re under 35 years old at time of application (you’ll also have to meet height requirements). SSCOs generally receive more training than regular officers but aren’t eligible for promotions beyond Major rank until they’ve served 20 years on active duty. Both Regular and SSCO positions come with a pension plan, housing allowance and pay that increases over time. In addition, both options offer free medical care for your family members and free tuition fees for your children.

#2: The Application Process Is Rigorous Before even applying to how to join indian army after 10 or how to join indian army after 12 , you need to be aware of just how rigorous their application process is—it can take up to 18 months before receiving a response! To apply, start by visiting their official website and downloading their PDF file entitled Indian Army Recruitment Rally. This document outlines all necessary information regarding dates, venues and instructions for applicants.

More Information About Joining Indian Army

While it’s true that almost any 18-year-old male or female can apply for and join, there are some general requirements you need to meet before you can hope to be a part of India’s armed forces. A high school diploma is highly recommended, as well as excellent physical fitness and health. If you fit those criteria, let’s talk about what you should expect when actually applying for an army position… The History of India’s Armed Forces: The history of India’s armed forces goes back thousands of years, to ancient times. However, since independence in 1947 (and even more so since 1962), one military has stood out among all others in both size and power—the Indian Army.

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