So You Want to Join Indian Navy After 12th? Here’s How!

How to join Indian navy after 12th?: The Indian Navy has always been one of the most prestigious careers in India. And now, you have an opportunity to make it even more prestigious by joining after 12th standard! Here’s what you need to do to join the Indian Navy after 12th and become a part of this elite force that has served India with honor and valour ever since its inception on 4th December 1961.

How to join Indian Navy After 12th

If you’re only class 12th pass, or if you want to know how to join Indian Navy After 12th, then here the below are the points to join Indian Navy After 12th. Just go through those steps and follow them.

Achieving mental health to join Indian Navy

It’s likely that you want to join India’s navy in order to advance your career, but it’s just as important that you achieve mental health along with it. The people around you should support your desires and work hard with you, not against you.

Finding self-confidence and a strong sense of identity are both essential aspects of achieving personal happiness and success, whatever career path or lifestyle you take on. Pay attention not only to your future goals but also your present well-being.

If something is bothering you and affecting your daily life, don’t hesitate: to talk about it. Once other people know what issues are plaguing you, they can start helping—and so can you!

How important are physical exams and medical tests

One of the most important parts of joining any military branch is being physically fit and healthy. These physical exams and medical tests are a crucial part of determining your ability to serve.

Even if you’re young, strong, and in good shape now, there are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to join or pass these exams later in life. The requirements for each branch vary from age to weight (in pounds), so make sure you know what they are ahead of time. And don’t worry—if you don’t meet them today, it doesn’t mean that you can never join; it just means that you need to get yourself into better shape first.

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Extra Steps to join Indian Navy

Steps to join Indian Navy Officer

What if I don’t have a C1 grade to join Indian Navy after 12th?

With more applicants than ever, you might have a hard time getting in even with a C1 grade. However, you can still try for a medical test called an NMRD, which stands for Naval Medical Reception. This test takes place twice every year: once in January and once in June. The test is open to applicants who fall into certain categories like graduates of government schools and non-Navy personnel seeking commission in all three arms of military service (Navy, Army and Air Force). These categories are decided by union public service commissions.

Physical fitness

An important part of joining any military service is demonstrating physical fitness. To join either of India’s two branches of its armed forces, you must pass an exam called NCC (National Cadet Corps). This test is similar to a U.S. military aptitude test and it’s basically just a more extensive physical test.

Join indian navy after 12th

Once you get in, you’ll have to go through basic training, which consists of running for miles at high altitudes (if your unit is on one) or simply getting yelled at if your unit isn’t located in mountainous terrain. Either way, being physically fit will help you be better prepared for all of that difficult training ahead.

What if I don’t have a pass in Maths?

So you don’t have a pass in Maths, but still want to join Indian navy after 12th. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost 80% of aspirants who qualify for selection haven’t taken a pass in maths – because it isn’t mandatory for joining.

However, if you can get a pass in Hindi (you can opt for an additional language as well), it’ll really help your cause when it comes to placement exams in other subjects like English and general science. At any rate, once you get selected and complete your initial training at INS Shivaji (Mumbai), there will be ample opportunities on board ships and shore establishments that don’t require even basic math skills.

The written test

The first step in getting into any job, including a government job, is passing an entrance exam. In India, there are two tests that you need to pass before you can become a Sailor or Officer in Indian Naval Services.

  • The first test is called NDA (Naval Direct Admission) which helps select candidates for NDA entrance exams and training.
  • The second test is called NA (Naval Academy) Exam and it helps select candidates for B Tech Marine Engineering/ Mechanical and Aeronautical branches of National Defense Academy (India).

By successfully completing your engineering degree at a top university you can apply for either one of these examinations. There are also opportunities for voluntary service after university as well, so do keep that in mind if you cannot make it through these examinations. If you are still unsure about whether joining Indian Navy would be right for you, check out my other post about all things navy here.

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Personal interviews

Join Indian Navy after 12th: The most rigorous and competitive test for joining as an officer in India is a personal interview. Around 10,000 applicants appear for interviews each year at one of seven locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi and Goa.

The interviewers consist of serving officers who judge your mental acuity and perceptiveness by asking a series of questions about yourself, family members, places you have visited and even objects you are holding.

Join indian navy interview
Join Indian Navy after 12th

In addition to answering these questions with confidence (and clarity), make sure your answers reflect analytical thought processes by adding anecdotes or examples whenever possible. Think through every question before you start speaking—then once you begin answering each one speak slowly but clearly so that there is no room for confusion later on.

Achieving physical fitness at home

Home gyms are steadily on their way out, with more and more people investing in workout equipment. While it might seem like a good idea to set up your own gym at home, there are a number of reasons why you should consider doing your workouts at a physical fitness centre instead.

The biggest reason for avoiding working out at home is safety—it’s much easier to get seriously injured when working out in an environment that doesn’t have the proper equipment and certified trainers around you.

Additionally, most fitness centres allow you access to personal trainers who can guide and encourage you through different training regimens as well as keep an eye on how much weight you’re lifting.

Tips to increase Height after 18 years of age

Some say that you are genetically set by 18 years of age. There isn’t much you can do after that age, right? But actually, there is a lot that you can do if your primary goal is to increase height. Here are some tipstips on how to increase height after 18 years of age:

1) Eat healthy and balanced diet: Make sure that you include all food groups in your diet. The key here is variety and balance. In fact, it is best not to rely on supplements or drugs for increasing height since they may cause side effects and even make things worse in certain cases. It is better to stick with natural methods like eating healthy and balanced diet so as to avoid any unwanted side effects or complications.

2) Do regular exercises: Doing regular exercises will help you build muscles which will in turn make your bones stronger and thus help them grow longer too. Regular exercise can also improve overall health and fitness levels which will allow you to lead a more active life.

3) Stretch regularly: Stretching regularly helps relax your body and improves blood circulation throughout your body. When done correctly, stretching also helps improve posture and keep back pain at bay. As an added benefit, stretching helps reduce stress levels too!

4) Sleep well: Sleeping well is essential for optimal health in general but it has been found that people who sleep less than 6 hours each night have shorter stature than those who sleep more than 8 hours per night.

Study material, books & where to buy them online

Various bookshops have course study material for NDA examination preparation. In addition, all course material is available online and can be accessed through Google and Amazon.

Students can download free and paid books according to their preference. If a student requires extra help, they can also seek it from private coaching classes that conduct regular sessions based on NDA syllabus and pattern.

Coaching classes in many cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc., provide live classes to students who cannot attend class due to lack of time or any other reasons. Tutoring sessions are offered in all major cities with access by phone/online 24×7. All that a student needs is internet access so that they do not miss out on any class due to regional barriers.


While getting into any government job is notoriously difficult, joining your country’s navy is particularly difficult. Since India is surrounded by a lot of water, it needs a strong navy and they need quality people that they can rely on. If you have what it takes, then there are many jobs open for you with The Indian Navy. Let us know if you’ve tried to join them and how it went for you in the comments below! Good luck!

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