Daily Teer Dream Number | Dream Number Teer: Check out the Full List Here!

Teer Dream | Today Teer Dream Number | Dream Number Teer | Shillong Teer Dream Number | Khanapara Teer Dream Number | Jawai Teer Dream Number: Check out the Full List Here! (Full List is available in the below table)

Daily Teer Dream Number | Dream Number Teer

If you’re looking for Teer Dream Numbers or Dream Number Teer for today’s play in both Rounds of the Teer Archery game then here we shared with you the full Dream Numbers List in the table below.

So check out the table to get the Dream Numbers to play in Shillong Teer, Khanapara Teer, Jawai Teer or in many other Teer games played in Shillong. Before sharing with you the Full List of The Dream Number Teer, let us explain today’s topic first.

What is Teer Dream?

As we all know the meaning of Dream is what we see in our slept. So Teer Dreams are also such kinds of dream by which you can calculate or predict the daily Shillong Teer Common Number, Shillong Teer Target Number, Shillong Teer Hit Number to win the Shillong Teer Result.

Types of Dream Number Teer

In our view, there are two types of Dream Number Teer of Shillong Teer dream Number, Khanapara Teer dream Number, Jawai Teer dream Number, etc.

  • Direct Dream Numbers
  • Indirect Dream Numbers

Direct Dream Numbers

Direct Dream Numbers are those teer numbers which you see direct numerical numbers in your last night dream. These  numbers are from 00 to 99.

Let us explain about the Direct Dream number with an example. Suppose, you are sleeping, and dreaming a girl or an old woman or someone else is giving you a direct number to play in the Teer Lottery game. So this will be the your dream numbers for that day.

Let suppose, an old woman saying you to play 34 in the today’s teer game. Then your dream number teer will be 34. You have to play this number(34) in the Shillong Teer, Khanapara Teer, Jawai Teer games.

Indirect Dream Numbers

Indirect Dream Numbers are those dream numbers which you see indirectly in your dreams.

Let us explain about the Direct Dream number with an example. Suppose, you are sleeping, and dreaming an elephant. This elephant represents a dream number 8 for today’s game. Likewise, if you see a gun in your dream it also represents a dream number 7 for today’s teer game.

In the same way, you may see bird, animal, person, place, thing, or something or someone else in your dream then it will represent different different dream number for each and every dream. If you don’t know which dream represent for what they number then check out the full dream number list in the table.

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How to Calculate Teer Dreams Numbers?

If you are confused with the calculation of Dream Numbers or if you don’t have any knowledge about how to calculate or predict the Shillong Teer Lucky numbers from your dream then follow the below steps.

How to Calculate Direct Teer Dreams Numbers?

  • Remember your dream number. Let us suppose it is 29.
  • Select 29 as you Shillong Teer Target number, Khanapara Teer Target Number or Jawai Teer Target Number for the game.
  • Also select all the values of your dream number. (Here we have supposed our dream number is 29. And we have to select it’s values also which are 24, 74, 42,47,79,92,97). If you don’t know what is the value of which numbers then let us help you by providing a list here.
  • Then book your dream numbers along with its values in the game.
  • Then wait for the Teer result.

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How to Calculate Direct Teer Dreams Numbers?

Remember your dream. Let us suppose you have seen an elephant. And you have to select 8,9 in both house and ending for the game. And some direct numbers also be calculated from this elephant which are- 19,91,81,18 as you have seen one elephant. Likewise, just remember your dream and calculate your numbers. If you don’t know what dream represents whichh numbers then check out the list here in the below table.

Dream Number Teer
Tir Dream Numbers

Teer Dreams Numbers Full List

Teer DreamsTeer Dream No (single)HouseEnding
The quarrel between Husband and Wife03,08,13,37,40,7333
Erotic Dream17,40,53,59,60
Bathing in the open08,18,28,48,78,988
Travelling in aeroplane23,43,53,63,68,73,93,833
Talking a walk0,1
Talking over the phone98,96,94
Breast Feeding02,03,05,12,20,52,53
Sour Fruit00,03,11,12,13,23,63,32,43,53,70,73,97,93
Paddy field24,38,52,54,64,68,74
Big tree8,98,9
Small tree2,3,82,3,8
Jack fruit44
Bamboo shoot1111
Tools which is used to cut wood5711
Tools, Chopper, cutter, Hammer07,17,67,71,27,47,877
An event or a shoping place18,28,38,52,58,624,70
Money paying to somebody00,14,15,20,25,35,500,5
Small water body00,01,02,80,904,70
Foot path or road made of brick19,61,71,91
Automobile(2/3 wheeler)52,53,54,58,60,62,68
Book, pen, paper00,02,0503
Ghost or apparition52,54,58,62,64,6899
Fire place, oven, kiln12,31,63,66,68
Water carrier88
Rice copper88
Big River88
Cooking pan2
Wild pig46
Snake or ideal fish09,17,37,57,99,77,12,18,19,22,24,34,42,54,72,74,84,94,97
Honey bee04,14,24,74,944
Bamboo stick or any stick0,1
Cleaning in house52,54,58,62,64,68
Vomiting02,20 and Repeat No.
Big scale fish8
Small scale fish3

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Teer Dream no. is more helpful to win the Game?

Answer: Direct Teer Dream no. is more helpful to win the Game.

2. How to collect Daily Teer Dream Number?

Answer: If you have no teer dream number today then you can asked your family, your relatives, your neighbours or your friends about what they dream.

3. Is these dream number is only for Shillong Teer Dream No.?

Answer: No, these teer dreams numbers are also for Khanapara Dream Number, Jawai Dream Number and for some other lottery games.


Disclaimer: Teer dream number is searched only by Teer players. And the dream number list that we have shared on this page is shared only for information and education purposes, not to encourage the Teer players towards the Teer play.


So that is about Teer Dream Number of Shillong Teer Dream number, Khanapara Teer Dream and Jawai Teer Dream number. I hope you got all the information about Dream Number Teer. So bye-bye for today. If you want to read more then you can click on the link below. And also support us by sharing this page with your friends, relatives and all. Thank you for reading this page.

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