The Last Indian Army Doctor Salary Update You’ll Need to Know in 2022

The Indian Army Doctor Salary: If you want to explore the salary of Indian Army Doctor, then this is the right place or moment to know about the Indian Army Doctor Salary. Here we are going to discuss all about it.

The Latest Indian Army Doctor Salary Updates 2022

About the Salary of Indian Army Doctor: The Indian Army consists of over 1.3 million active soldiers, making it the world’s 2nd largest army. Indian Army Doctor Salary, As an army doctor, you’ll be part of the prestigious Indian Medical Service (IMS), which provides both civil and military healthcare in India and abroad. IMS officers are generally assigned to three-year terms, which are then renewed depending on their performance, making it one of the most stable jobs in India.

How much does an Indian army officer make?

The salary of an Indian army officer depends on his rank and experience. Indian army doctor salary begins at about Rs 9,100 a month for junior commissioned officers or JCOs with no previous experience. For captains, which are entry-level in terms of officer ranks, basic pay ranges from Rs 13,700 to Rs 15,600 a month.

The highest-paid Indian army doctor salary belongs to lieutenant generals (LGen), who receive approximately Rs 127,500 per month. The lowest payscale is for warrant officers and privates; only commissioned officers earn official salaries from the Indian government. Salaries are updated every 10 years using a Central Government resolution passed by parliament that mandates across-the-board raises for all level of Indian civil service employees.

A majority of Indian army officers hold their positions as a permanent career rather than enlisting in combat roles. There is little financial incentive to enlist as an Indian army officer beyond serving one’s country honorably and protecting India’s citizens from internal and external threats.

However, if you’re considering joining as an Indian army doctor salary can be part of your decision-making process when deciding whether it’s worth leaving your current job for military life. If you’re interested in joining but aren’t sure where to start, visit our page about how to join the Indian armed forces for more information on what kind of job opportunities exist and how much they pay after training completes.

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How much does an Indian army warrant officer make?

According to Wikipedia, all ranks of Warrant Officers, who were part of British Indian Army at that time, were amalgamated into one corps known as ‘Jawans‘ and there are no individual designations for warrant officers. However, Indian Warrant Officers’ insignia has three distinguishing features.

  • First: They wear four stars on their shoulder straps whereas other army officers only wear one star.
  • Second: Their ranks are displayed on collar badges instead of shoulder slides.
  • Third: The rank stripes on both legs and sleeves terminate with a two-headed eagle similar to those worn by Colonel of Polish infantry.

So it is safe to say that an Indian army doctor salary isn’t based solely on rank but also on time served as well as location. For example, a Captain (O-3) serving in Kashmir would likely make more than a Captain (O-3) serving in Assam. While exact numbers can be hard to come by since every state or territory will have different rules regarding taxes and government benefits, we can still give you an idea of what you might expect from your Indian army doctor salary over your career.

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An Indian army doctor salary starts around $8,000 per year for new recruits. After five years of service, pay jumps to about $10,000 per year. After 15 years of service, pay jumps again to about $15,000 per year. And after 25 years of service, pay jumps again to about $20,000 per year.

At that point, it’s not uncommon for soldiers to retire. But if they continue working past 25 years of service, their salary may increase even further—but only slightly due to India’s strict age caps for military personnel.

As such, you can see how important experience is when calculating your Indian army doctor salary . A Captain (O-3) with 20 years of experience may earn nearly twice as much as a Captain (O-3) with 10 years of experience—and even more than a Major (O-4). This means junior officers should focus on gaining valuable skills early in their careers so they’re better positioned for promotions later down the road.

How much does an Indian navy medical officer make?

An entry-level salary for an Indian navy medical officer depends on his or her rank, which is based on their education and experience. At present, officers receive around Rs 80,000 per month. But, if you’re a surgeon – and especially if you’re one with many years of experience – you can expect to receive more than Rs 100,000 per month.

If you’re interested in joining as a commissioned officer, here are some other details:

1. Medical officers must be between 18 and 25 years old when they apply; candidates must have completed 12th grade (or its equivalent) with physics, chemistry, biology and English;

2. Candidates must also have completed at least two years of residency training;

3. They should also be medically fit.

Salary of Indian army
Indian Army Doctor Salary

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What is the pay scale of doctors serving in Indian air force?

An Indian army doctor’s basic pay is augmented by several allowances, like Hardship Allowance (HRA), Flying Pay, etc. Find out about all Indian army doctor salary increases given after 7th Pay Commission. Scroll down to know more!

Recently, on 22 Sep 2017, President Ram Nath Kovind approved a major revision in Indian military personnel allowance structure and incorporated a slew of new allowances for Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel among others. IAF was allotted an enhanced monthly special allowance of Rs 4500 for aviators and pilots posted with Helicopter Unit and Rs 3500 each for mountaineering duty as well as frequent deployment under high-altitude conditions. New Indian army doctor salary list can be reviewed below.

Indian Army Doctors Salary Structure After 7th Pay Commission: The revised pay matrix will take effect from 1 Jul 2016 and is applicable to all Central Government employees including doctors serving in Indian Armed Forces.

As per official notification, Ministry of Defence has increased salaries by 23.55% across all pay bands. This includes basic pay/fixed salary, dearness allowance, house rent allowance etc., which has been revised from Rs 7600 to Rs 10500 per month for Level 1 to 5 respectively.

For example, a Lieutenant Colonel (Level 11), who currently gets Rs 2.25 lakhs salary after 6th CPC will now get Rs 3.35 lakhs after 7th CPC implementation from July 2016 onwards. Similarly, Major General (Level 12), who currently gets Rs 2.75 lakhs salary after 6th CPC will now get Rs 3.80 lakhs after 7th CPC implementation from July 2016 onwards.

What are allowances payable to an IAF doctor?

An allowance is a payment for something extra. Salaries are normally paid monthly, and if you’re a government employee then you receive your salary on time. However, doctors and other government employees don’t just get paid a salary, they also get allowances to incentivise them and make their job easier.

There are different types of allowances including medical, house rent, children’s education allowance etc. The most common allowances paid by IAF to their doctors include medical allowance, children’s education allowance etc. Government employees cannot decide what they want to do with their salaries or allowances; they must follow all orders from their superiors.

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In order to understand how much an IAF doctor earns, we have listed down some of his/her basic salaries and allowances below:

Medical Allowance: A doctor receives Rs. 4500 per month as medical allowance which can be used towards consultation fees, medicines and general healthcare expenses.

House Rent Allowance (HRA): HRA is given based on place of posting, housing facilities available at place of posting and type of accommodation provided. HRA ranges between Rs 5400-Rs 13000 per month for civilian doctors posted in Delhi whereas it ranges between Rs 3500-Rs 10000 per month for those posted outside Delhi. For example, a civilian doctor posted in Bangalore will receive an HRA of Rs 7000 per month while another one posted in Jammu will only receive Rs 3000 per month.

Children Education Allowance: This allowance is granted to cover educational expenses incurred by teachers who wish to educate their children. It covers various costs like tuition fee, uniform cost, books cost etc. However there is no fixed amount prescribed for teachers so they should check with concerned authorities before availing it.

Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is payable to government employees whenever there’s a hike in price index number during inflationary times like now.

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Conclusion – how much do these doctors make?

The Salary of Indian Army Doctor: An indian army doctor salary is amongst one of, if not, the highest paid jobs in India. Just as a starting point before we move on to your specific specialities, an entry-level Indian army doctor’s monthly salary starts at Rs 80,000 (Indian Rupees).

However, depending on their chosen speciality (and there are many), they can expect to make anywhere between Rs 240,000 and upwards of Rs 500,000 per month. In addition to having excellent prospects for professional growth, working as an Indian army doctor comes with a number of benefits. For example, all Indian army doctors have access to free healthcare from military hospitals and clinics. They also enjoy subsidized housing options for themselves and their families.

And finally, Indian army doctors who choose to settle down in India receive land grants from the government after 5 years of service. The last update you need: We hope that our guide has been helpful! If you want more information about Indian army doctor salaries or any other aspect of life as an Indian soldier, feel free to leave us a comment below!


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