There are many high-paying jobs available in US that require zero experience. Here are 10.

Blogger There's zero experience required for this potentially high-paying job. Kate Sorensen, one of a successful blogger, says she makes over $100,000 a year as an at-home.

Transcriptionist Ben Walker, CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC says,"We have some transcriptionists that earn over $50,000 a year that had no experience before they started with us,"

Recruiter Being a recruiter often means a commission-based wage with a small salary, but it is possible to turn zero recruitment experience into a high-paying job.

Remote location dishwasher Unlike a traditional kitchen, where chefs earn the big bucks, a remote location dishwasher is a high-paying job with no experience needed.

Sales According to Power Home Remodeling company "not only is experience not required for this high-paying entry-level sales job, but a college degree also is not a prerequisite".

Real estate investor and agent According to Daniela Andreevska, the marketing director at Mashvisor says "One of the best-paying jobs that require no previous experience is investing in real estate," 

Police officer There is no experience required to be a police officer and as the average starting salary of a police officer is $57,794, according to Ethan Lichtenberg of US Insurance Agents, it's a solid high-paying job.

Air traffic controller It may come as an uneasy surprise, but, "It's not extensive work experience that matters in becoming an air traffic controller," Roger Maftean says.

Online proofreading if you, "have learned writing structures from the online course like Coursera or Udemy, etc, then you can earn well from providing your proofreading services online."

Translator If you have good language skills, you can make a lot of money with translation without any working experience.

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