Some of the more than 120 men arrested after a brutal gang rape in South Africa.

Furthermore, burglary of eight ladies on a music video shoot in South Africa are booked to be in court to have to deal with guns and unlawful mining penalties.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the assault of eight ladies at a neglected mine in Krugerscorp.

DNA tests could prompt assault charges against a portion of the men, police said.

The assault happened at a neglected mine in Krugersdorp where a video team were gone after by a gathering of equipped men in covers.

Ladies and young ladies in the Krugersdorp region had griped about the boundless wrongdoing and brutality.

The captured men purportedly partook in unlawful mining.

As per police, one individual was killed during a shootout during the police strike on the illegal mining Tuesday.

Lirandzu Themba tweeted Tuesday, "46 suspects were captured and one lethally injured during the present unlawful mining bring down."

The president recognized in that post that orientation based savagery and femicide is "a well-established social issue.

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