Brittney Griner anticipated condemning paying attention to could be her 'Judgment day'

US b-ball star Brittney Griner seemed to realize she planned to confront an inconvenient condemning

 she had educated her legal counsellor sooner than that she realized it very well may be "Armageddon" for her.

Ms Griner also referenced "I love my loved ones"

Ms Griner also referenced "I love my loved ones"

The b-ball star was indicted on costs for medication ownership and sneaking.

Her condemnation was named by her representative as "extreme by Russian lawful guidelines".

"The present condemning of Brittney Griner was extreme by Russian lawful guidelines, Brittney is being utilized as a political pawn," Lindsay Kagawa Colas, the b-ball star's representative, tweeted on Thursday.

President Joe Biden is known as the sentence "inadmissible" and known as on Russia to send off the b-ball star right away.

"Today, American resident Brittney Griner got a jail sentence that is another sign of what the world knew: Russia is unfairly confining Brittney," Mr Biden referenced.

Ms Griner's attorney referenced she was "extremely furious" and "exceptionally focused" by the sentence.

During her end comments, the Houston local allegedly referenced it had been "an innocent misstep".

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