Here what  President Joe Biden said On the Passing of Bill Russell

The commitment of America is that we are undeniably made equivalent and should be dealt with similarly all through our lives.

We've never completely satisfied that commitment, yet Bill Russell ensured we never left it.

By August 1963, he had won six of what might be 11 NBA titles in his 13 years in the association with the Boston Celtics,

A characterizing vocation that would incorporate five customary season. Most Valuable Player grants, an Olympic gold decoration, and filling in as the primary Black mentor of any significant games association in America.

Yet, on the notable day of August 28, 1963, there he was at the means of the Lincoln Memorial as a transcending champion for opportunity, fairness, and equity as Dr. Lord conveyed a fantasy for the Nation.

That was Bill Russell. From a youth in isolated Louisiana to a lifelong playing on the greatest stages in sports at the level of the Civil Rights Movement.

Bill confronted the aggression and disdain of bigotry implanted in all aspects of American life. However, he won't ever surrender.

All through his life, he constrained us to go up against hard insights.

Bill Russell is perhaps the best competitor in our set of experiences - an untouched boss of champions, and a decent man and extraordinary American who did all that he could to convey the commitment of America for all Americans.