Calliope Burns and Juliette Fairmont's star-crossed sentiment has reached an unexpected conclusion in FIRST KILL.

Netflix drops First Kill after just a single season.

The First Kill follows Calliope, an evil spirit tracker, and Juliet, a vampire, as every one of them realizes they should make their most memorable kill.

In any case, while Calliope accepts she ought to loathe Juliet for being a vampire.

She can't live realizing that they share an association past inclination contempt towards one another.

Season one finishes up with a huge cliffhanger after Calliope's sibling, Theo, transforms into a vampire.

Theo's progress takes some time in the finale as his mom takes him to Oliver to endure his dad's desire to make due.

Notwithstanding, Theo's progress likewise implies a lamentable end for Calliope and Juliet.

Both were wounded by what befell Theo in the season one finale and how it affected their striving relationship.

Had there been a subsequent season, Calliope and Juliet would have had the option to deal with their sentiments further.

The way things are, Juliet and Calliope's relationship has been left hanging out there without a genuine feeling of conclusion.

Different storylines, for example, reality with regards to the attacking devils and the battles of Juliet's family, will likewise be left unanswered.

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